Monday, September 7, 2009

My Amman

I'm a self-proclaimed morning person. All my friends know I prefer to get work done before noon and I am worthless after midnight. It's probably because of this that I enjoy my mornings in Amman so much.

The air is getting crisper (though not really cleaner) and the fall temperatures are beginning to set in. Every other morning I catch a taxi early with my American neighbor because she has class at 8:00, and those 15 or so minutes in the taxi are pure bliss. The streets aren't yet crowded, the sun is low enough so that it only peeks between buildings in thin spears. The city is just waking. In those hours I know this is my Amman.

This morning I spent my hour before class sitting on the university campus, listening to my iPod, and attempting to read a poem for class. It was just chilly enough that I had to occasionally pull my sleeves over my hands. It was wonderful and peaceful. It'll be hard but I'd like to try getting up early when I'm back at school in the States. It's a pretty rewarding experience.

I'm having some technical difficulties (namely, my computer's charger cord is on the blink) so pictures are further delayed. But I'm going to try to go to a PC store today and get it looked it, so that might be another experience in itself!


  1. Yes.. The morning is an amazing "place".

  2. Katherine, Thanks for letting me part of your blog! It looks like you are really benefiting from your time abroad. Traveling really allows you to discover more about your self. Experiencing how other people really makes you asks questions about how you choose to live. Btw, I totally agree...Morning is the best time to get work done and morning is beautiful in Amman! I look forward to reading more about your time abroad.- Younus

  3. showering = most important part of life in 306.