Friday, August 14, 2009

Trip by the Numbers

Days until I take off for Amman: 8
Intermediate (sit in the airport) stops on the way: 2
Jordanian dinars in my possession: 32
Water bottles I should buy while at JFK: 3
Protein bars to bring with me: 1,000

Okay maybe I exaggerated on the last one. I will be packing a few, though, just in case I find nothing appetizing on a particular day or happen to feel malnourished. I have been warned by several people about the intensity of the Arabic Language program I'm about to enter and so far protein bars have been my best defense. I guess they're not really a good offense, though.

I'm doing my best to fight off the jittery nerves that come with the knowledge that in about a week I will touch down in a foreign country with nothing but clothes, water bottles, and various essential travel documents. I'm assembling a "happy bag" for my 11-hour flight from JFK to Amman. So far it it looks like its contents will be chocolate, earplugs, my iPod, an inflatable travel pillow, a healthy supply of Tums, an eyemask, and the small amount of Xanax my doctor prescribed for me (at my mother's suggestion).

Today was my last day at my summer internship and my coworkers took me out to a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant. They wanted me to start getting used to the food in Jordan. We had a great time and they gave me a beautiful journal and matching pen/pencil set (among other great gifts) for my journey.

I'm so excited to go study in Jordan for four months. I just wish I could get the whole getting-there part out of the way.

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